The Dodger Blues…This Day in Dodger History

Go back four years, it was January 18th, 2004, you were sitting at the kitchen table with the LA Times Sports Section in hand. You opened the Sports section and stumpled across a Bill Plaschke that wrote about the Dodgers. Here’s a glimpse of the past:

“Sources say he reemerged because it was obvious that McCourt’s bid was struggling.

“Somebody in baseball must have already told Eli that this guy’s deal is in trouble, or he never would have gotten involved,” one local businessman said.

Trouble, indeed.

McCourt’s deal is highly leveraged and so shaky, baseball officials refused to approve him at last week’s owners’ meetings and will conduct further investigation this week.

Judging from his allegedly flimsy finances, it will help if two of the folks on this week’s fact-finding mission are named Penn and Teller.

Broad and McCourt are each offering $430 million, but Broad has the cash, McCourt doesn’t.

Broad has the liquidity to operate a championship team, McCourt apparently doesn’t.

Broad has O’Malley, McCourt doesn’t.

McCourt’s fingerprints are already on a messy, unproductive winter.

He could not afford much-needed Vladimir Guerrero, a player who had no problem reaching a deal with that team down the freeway.

At his urgings, the Dodgers have been unable to sign any top hitters, and suddenly look more like the San Diego Padres than the Padres.

One owner this week said the chances of McCourt’s gaining approval are “only 50-50, at best.”

If McCourt doesn’t meet the guidelines, here’s hoping the owners turn those odds in this city’s favor and do what is best for baseball, not what is easiest for their television sugar daddies of Fox.

Instead of giving an approval, those owners need to make a trade.

Frank McCourt for Eli Broad and Peter O’Malley.

The deal of the century. ”

Looking back at this article makes me hate both Plashcke and McCourt even more. No to Vlad, but now the guy is handing bills to .220 clean up men and crappy outfielders who throw like they’re in T-Ball.


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