The NHL All-Star Game is about thirty minutes away and the anticipation of seeing Anze Kopitar is unbearable. Anze’s the man, albeit one ugly mofo. He competed last night in the fastest skater competition and we learned he’s not the fastest man. Despite the disappointment in Anze, Alex Ovechkin made the night amazing with some things he attempted in the new Breakaway Challenge. Words cannot describe what was attempted, all I know is, it further puts shame toward Nate Robinson and the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. (Dwight Howard excluded)

(((While Marian Gaborik was going, Rick Dipietro was mic’d and in net, on one of the moves, he gets deked and he ends up doing the splits trying to stop a wrap around. Well, listen to him after the move, the Open Mic = Priceless)))

The other part of NHL All-Star Saturday Night that was well worthwhile was seeing the best commercial of the year several times:


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