Better Than Glue…

It was 2006, in the heart of Kentucky…
Barbaro became the champ, he was the best, definitely not lucky.
19 other horses watched as young Barbaro became the champ.
He became an icon, a legend, a picture on a stamp.
Barbaro made people millions, that too, not bad.
Just weeks after Kentucky his fortune turned, and the world was left sad,
For Barbaro was at the Preakness, running for the Triple Crown.
Quickly it all ended, Barbaro was on the ground.
His leg was ruined and his life was now up in the air,
Millions upon millions of Barbaro’s fans all began to miss the sight of the wind amongst his hair.
His owners were left with a difficult question of what to do?
Was Barbaro worth honoring or should he be made into a bottle of glue?
Luckiy for us, a year after he passed, the decision has been made.
His ashes were spread on January, 29th on a warm Kentucky day.
The spires of Churchill Downs now have a legend in its air.
Always remember, Barbaro was a horse who had the heart of a bear.

Barbaro 2003-2007


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