SI: Ana Beatriz Barros

Ana is a veteran of the SI Swimsuit Edition and rightfully so. With that said, I must question some of the pictures from this year. Her album begins with her on the beach in rain boots, this is a No-No and ends with her in some more boots. Just imagine a 2007 Dodger game in which Grady Little brings in Brett Tomko to save the game…Ya. I’m also highly critical of the makeup on Beatriz in several of her pictures including:

If you failed to get to know Ana, you might consider asking SI to leave her out of next year’s edition. Ana is a neat freak who always enjoys a clean house. Additionally, she is a world traveler, very cool. However, Ana also comes off as snobbish when she mentions that she only dates well-educated and attractive men. Sorry Mr. Penny, you have no chance with Ana.


OVERALL: 6/10 Disappointing for Ana, not sure it’s all her fault though.


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