SI: Anne V

Anne V’s favorite thing to do on a rainy day is watch Sex and the City, something that would cause most to stay away from her, HOWEVER at the same time she also enjoys making a traditional Russian apple pie that her mom taught me how to make or if she had a boyfriend, then she would just cuddle with him. That sounds much better than Sex and the City all day. She scores more points with the following:

“One thing I do only when I’m home completely alone is …
Buy Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen Daz and eat it alone. Then I watch TV in my PJs. My Haagen-Daz flavor is vanilla chocolate chip — very original. And my B&J flavor is Chubby Hubby, but I can never find it.”

Eating ice cream and watching TV, oh how I can relate with an SI Swimsuit model…


OVERALL: 8/10 Anne does a solid job for the issue. Few could replace her and do as well…(Petra Nemcova..)


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