SI: Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker has been destined for stardom for several years; well she’s there. I could probably talk about her for several hours so I’ll try and be pretty precise when I compliment her:

+” And the sexiest thing I’ve ever done for a man is …
You’re going to get me in trouble with my dad! I surprised my BF on his birthday with floor seats to the UNC-Duke game. He goes to UNC and is a huge fan and so am I. That was definitely the coolest things I’ve done, which makes it sexy.”

Wow, that’s awesome..

+She goes to grocery stores in Carolina Basketball gear, now that’s a fan.

+If she wasn’t a model she would want to own a candy store. Wow…

+She enjoys cooking for roommates and watching movies.

+Her photo shoot took place in Israel….




OVERALL: 9.5 Had to take off a little for not nabbing the cover…and for having a boyfriend, still one of the best around.


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