SI: Irina Shayk

Not only do I not recommend wasting too much time looking at Irina’s pictures, I also would suggest that one doesn’t spend too much time talking to her.

Here are snippets from her interview:

“In a past life I was …
A cat.”

“If I were going to a costume party tonight, I would dress as …
A wicked witch. I’ve never been to a costume party. I’d love to go to one.”

“If I had to spend $10 right now, I would …
Buy tomatoes. I adore them!”

“The one place I’ve seen that I’ll never forget is …
My room in the hotel in Germany, it was so small that could fit in only my suitcase.”

Maybe it’s her love for cats or tomatoes, or maybe it’s the fact that her suitcase needs to be that big, or maybe its because she just isn’t the best looking model, but I’m not a big fan of Irina, in fact I’m not a fan at all.


OVERALL: 3/10 Not gonna do it, probably not worth another shot any time soon either.


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