SI: Jeisa Chiminazzo


This rookie Brazilian model knows what to do both in front of the camera and in an interview. When not modeling she enjoys sitting on her ass and playing Solitaire or going on Skype. She claims she’s hilarious and enjoys cooking for dinner parties. She says she enjoys being good looking and tries to look her best at all times. Jeisa’s best interview responses dealt with how she would spend $1 and $10 dollars. With $1, Jeisa would get herself a cup of tea with honey and for $10 she would buy a coke and pretzels (she prefers dry deli pretzels), those are two perfect answers.


OVERALL: 8.5/10 Excellent score for a rookie, probably deserves a 9, but I don’t want to be throwing any 9’s to a first timer. She’ll be back next year (We’ll be waiting)


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