SI: Melisa Baker

Let’s begin by looking over Melissa’s interview with SI. Baker gains quick approval from the reader with her experience in gymnastics. According to Baker, she, “was a competitive gymnast for six years and still I always flip around. I’m still obsessed with gymnastics.” As Paris would say, that’s hot. Her fan approval rating continues to climb with her obsession for baking. She enjoys baking cookies, cakes, and other sweet goods; now find me someone who doesn’t appreciate another person who enjoys baking. Baker’s approval rating hits a near perfect 10 when she admits that she enjoys going to the grocery store in a pair of jeans and a little T-shirt. With the good, comes the bad…First, Baker has a twin brother, that’s automatically a rating deduction. Second, when asked to name one surprise crush who most people wouldn’t find particularly attractive, she named George Clooney. HEY BAKER, THE QUESTION WAS WHO PEOPLE DON’T FIND ATTRACTIVE. Finally, I must knit-pick but Baker recalls a time as a child when she would lie about doing things and instead she would blame her brother, NOT COOL.


OVERALL: 5/10 She’s just a rookie; has some learning to do, but she’ll be back.


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