SI: Melissa Haro

-“If I were going to a costume party tonight, I would dress as …
Well, I have this cute little red corset that I rarely get to wear so I would probably put that on and pair it with some jeans with these little clip-on devil horns so I would be a devil.”

– “The sexiest thing a man has ever done for me is …
Cook. I love a man that can cook. If they can do any Italian dishes that would be amazing. I love spaghetti and throw some man-made meatballs, I’m ready for it.”

-“ To impress a cute man at a bar, I would …
I would probably tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue and give it to him. I was at a wedding and I was in my early teens and I was just really bored and I was too young to drink or anything so I found a bowl of cherries and I love cherries so I started eating cherries and an older friend of mine came and was like ‘Can you tie the stem with your tongue?’ and I was like, ‘No way, how do you do that?’ So she sat there and taught me and I practiced it the whole night. It’s kind of a flirty type of thing. It’s like ‘look what I can do.’ My cousin can unwrap Starburst with her tongue and I do the cherry knot so we make a pretty good team.”


OVERAL: 8/10 For a rookie, pretty solid debut. Did I mention she enjoys man made meat-balls?


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