SI: Tori Praver

Her name is Tori…and she wants to be a Marisa Miller wannabe with the way she acts.

“When I get dressed to go to the grocery store, my clothing inspiration is …
I’m casual. I’ll usually wear jeans and flip flops.
When I get dressed up for a party, my clothing inspiration is …
I’d probably wear jeans and high heels and a tank top. I’m a very casual person. I love jeans and bikinis.”

This is rather smart, a model modeling her tastes to that of the cover model. More people should do stuff like this, not to mention the fact that jeans and a tank top work when the body of the person looks like these models. Tori also gets bonus points for having grown up in Maui, that’s pretty cool.


OVERALL: 8/10 Solid pictures for a solid, well-rounded model. Tori definitely has my approval.


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