Stat of the Day

At times in 2007 Dodger fans wanted to scream at the futility of certain players (Juan Pierre) on countless occasions. How pathetic was Juan in 2007, well here’s an interesting stat for ya:

In 2007, Dodger batters had 62 outs hit to the CATCHER. Of these 62, only 12 were sacrifice bunts. Who was the team leader? You guessed it, Juan Pierre with 14. Juan made more outs to the catcher in 2007 then Dodger pitchers. For a speedster like Juan, one would expect him to have an ability to lay down a bunt to someone other than the damn catcher.

Additionally, of the 222 Dodger batters that made outs to the pitcher (in non-sacrifice’s) Juan Pierre again was the team leader with 58. Dodger pitchers? Only 29.


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