SI Athletes and their Wives

Well loyal readers, I’ve given you all plenty of time to look over my take on the SI Models and my take on their performances. With that said, it is now time to look at the wives of several athletes. The 2008 SI Issue includes the wives of Johnny Damon, Jeff Garcia, Jeff Gordon, and Carmelo Anthony. Before I go any further, I would like to restate that the wives of Johnny Damon and Jeff Garcia are included. Despite the fact that Damon has the second worst throwing arm in baseball (Yup, Juan your #1) and the fact that he has sucked for several years, he’s married to someone who has made the SI Swimsuit Issue. Secondly, Jeff Garcia’s wife is in the magazine. Do you think Terrell Owens is still convinced that Garcia smells like a rat…(…is gay)? He may sound it, but it sure doesn’t look it. Before I get to the ladies that made it, I’d like to first give some recognition to some athletes and their wives who did not make this year’s edition.

Kris and Anna Benson

Jose and Melissa Lima

Brad Penny, Barry Zito,…….., Carl Pavano and Alyssa Milano

Scott Podsednik and Lisa Dergen

Mark and Jamie Kotsay

And a list of about 50 others starting with Elisha Dushku.


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