SI Player Wife: La La Vazquez

I’ve been a long time fan of Carmelo Anthony for some time now. I first saw him play at the McDonald’s All-American Game at Madison Square Garden and then I followed his every move as a Freshman at Syracuse as I predicted a National Championship from his team and my personal favorite player of that year Mr. McNamara. Now a days, “Melo” is a Nugget running around with the Answer. Of the 4 athlete’s being represented in the magazine, I think if I had to be any of them, I’d choose Melo.

When it comes to La La, the first thing that catches my eye is her name. La La…one of the worst names…EVER. Come on, Monique, Laquisha, Candice, ANYTHING BUT LA LA. Secondly, I must say, it sure looks like Carmelo didn’t listen to Sir Mix A Lot growing up, but ah, La La appears to the opposite of a certain song that most people know.




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