Jake Peavy and Family Jewels

“Peavy’s so-so stat line wasn’t as worrisome as the liner Mike Morse scorched off Peavy’s glove in Seattle’s two-run first inning. The ball caromed hard into Peavy, below the belt.

He never wears a cup.

“Yes, I would recommend it,” said Padres manager Bud Black, a former major league pitcher.

Otherwise, Peavy was feeling good about his spring training debut.

“I felt really good, to be honest. And I didn’t turn it loose by any means,” Peavy said of his first start since he signed a $52 million, three-year extension last month.

It was the largest deal in team history, one that will be worth $70 million if the Padres pick up his option for 2013.

The Padres would like their big investment to be well protected.

“Yeah, I know, I don’t wear a cup. Guess I have to start wearing one,” said the 26-year-old father of two young boys, ages 6 and 3. “But, hey, I’m done having kids.

“My teammates think I’m crazy, but I’ve got to be comfortable out there.”


To recap, Jake Peavy doesn’t wear a cup. This is absurd, yet incredibly awesome. Roger Clemens rubbed Icy Hot on his junk before a game and Peavy doesn’t wear a cup, what the hell do other pitchers do?

-Penny with a hot dog bun around his?

-Lowe with a picture of Suzy Shuster?

-Mark Hendrickson put tape around his?

-Esteban Loaiza…Hell, does he have anything to protect?

Anyways, Jake Peavy may be considered the #2 Pitcher in baseball behind Johan, but he’s now my #1.


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