Juan Pierre: To Hate or Not to Hate

I was suppose to be reading some crappy book for Sociology tonight about some “wonderful book about a white kid who was raised in a largely poor black and Hispanic neighborhood”, instead I’ve spent the past twenty minutes debating in my mind how much I truly hate Juan Pierre. Here’s a brief breakdown on my arguments for both sides.

Reasons to Like Juan Pierre:

-He was born in Alabma

-His middle name is D’Vaughn

-His first name is Juan…and he’s not Mexican.

-Received the Cool Papa Bell Award from the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in 2003

-He is is referred to in the Beyonce and Jay-Z song Déjà Vu.

-He played with a guy who played with a guy who played with a guy…who played with a guy named Tommy Johns…but this Tommy Johns, isn’t THE TOMMY JOHNS who has a surgery named after him.

Juan Pierre played with Greg Norton for the 2001 Colorado Rockies

Greg Norton played with Harold Baines for the 1997 Chicago White Sox

Harold Baines played with Minnie Minoso for the 1980 Chicago White Sox

Minnie Minoso played with Phil Cavarretta for the 1955 Chicago White Sox

Phil Cavarretta played with Bob O’Farrell for the 1934 Chicago Cubs

Bob O’Farrell played with Roger Bresnahan for the 1915 Chicago Cubs

Roger Bresnahan played with Frank Foreman for the 1901 Baltimore Orioles

Frank Foreman played with Lou Say for the 1884 Kansas City Cowboys

Lou Say played with Tommy Johns for the 1873 Baltimore Marylands

-Juan Pierre robbed Barry Bonds of #714

Reasons to Hate Juan Pierre:
-He’s a Dodger

-He’ll probably be starting over Jason Repko.

-Cat Osterman and Jennie Finch have a better chance of throwing out Jose Reyes at the plate trying to score from left field then Juan does of throwing Bengie Molina out at home…from second base.

Overall, I was ready to accept Juan Pierre as a player for whom I could applaud this upcoming season…BUT THEN I SAW THIS:



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