Can Dmitri Hit His Weight?

For most baseball players, being able to attain a batting average that is higher than one’s own weight is typically an easy feat. With that said, Dmitri “Da Meat Hook” Young will have to have one hell of a season if he wants to accomplish this. Dmitri showed up at Nat’s camp at a nice 298 pounds. Where this story really becomes entertaining is with the fact that the front office was surprised by this weigh-in.

Is this the face of a 200 pound man?

Don’t get me wrong, Dmitri is awesome, partly because of his weight and partly because of his nickname. But to be shocked that he weighs less than 250 is just stupid. Additionally, I must question the facts of such sites of Baseball Reference, Yahoo Sports, ESPN, and the Nationals web-site, all of which list Young UNDER 240. Again, just LOOK AT THE MAN…

Back to the question, can Dmitri hit his weight in ’08…sorry Meat-Hook, gotta say no. But I think I might put Young on my Fantasy Baseball of Eating team.


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