Since I’ve Been Gone…

Well, over the past month or two, school has kicked my ass away from the site, (that and waiting in line for food behind Andruw Jones, that fat fuck) BUT, I’M BACK JUST IN TIME FOR THE NFL DRAFT.

What have we missed since I’ve been here last…there was Kansas winning it all, the Masters (which I watched all four rounds of, but am blanking on who won it), the start of baseball, and I’ve eaten 8 hot dogs, 5 ice-cream sandwiches, 2 nachos, and a bag of peanuts at an A’s/Royals game.  Oh, I also turned 21, that was niceee.

ONTO THE DRAFT, here’s some great video’s that can get you in the mood as well.  I’ll be around most of  the day with a live blog of the draft.  



Another subject that I have been following of late is the life of Ronaldo.  He was a feature birthday dinner discussion, who wouldn’t want to be him.  I mean, his girlfriend is pretty hot and he can do just about anything on the pitch….except kick crucial PK’s early in Semi-final Champions League matches.




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