SI: Brooklyn Decker


Happiness is…

“Home, friends, good food and having the ability to leave work at work.”

What makes you feel sexy?

“Being in the sun, no make-up, working out and trying to keep up with my guy, and when someone compliments me on my intelligence. People set the bar pretty low for us models when it comes to smarts. It’s sad, but true, so it’s always a nice feeling when you surprise someone by actually carrying on a conversation.”

What meal do you miss from home?

This is making my stomach growl! I was just home for the holidays, so I’d have to say my mom’s Texas sheet cake, buckeye balls (peanut butter and chocolate balls) or my dad’s steaks!

Oh and she dates Andy Roddick.

Add all of that up with the fact that last year we learned that if she wasn’t a model she would own a candy store and you find yourself with one awesome model.  It all makes sense now why Andy usually doesn’t last the full two weeks in major tournaments.  I would love to meet Brooklyn and grill her a steak and let her try some of my Oreo Balls, hell I might even let her call me daddy.  (Note: If you know anyone within the Make a Wish Foundation and would like to grant the wish of a graduating Senior from Cal, you now have no excuses..MAKE IT HAPPEN)



Last Year: 9.5/10

This Year: 9.5/10

She’s so close to being perfect, the only thing one can nit pick at is the fact that she’s not on the cover and the whole relationship with an athlete that I can’t hate. SI would be making a big mistake if they don’t consider Decker for the cover next year.


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