SI: Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is back again in SI and I’m glad to see it.  She may be an INDY Car driver, but in reality she’s also one of a hell model.  Danica beats the hell out of both Gomes and Meredith and she is the perfect model to end the night with.  While not driving, Danica enjoys to go out at night in a nice dress and a pair of high heels.  She also finds Becks to be the hottest athlete around and even had the chance to sit next to him at the ESPY’S.  While I admire Becks, I’m jealous of him.  He took Douchebag of the Year away from me and has also had the chance to sleep with Posh and sit next to Danica.  If Becks wasn’t as brilliant as he is in FIFA Be-A-Pro, I would truly hate him. 




Danica does another marvelous job for the issue.  She’s both a joy to watch racing a car and in modeling.  She’s witty and clever but unfortunately married.  In addition, she loses a fraction of a point for not being a small group of other athletes.  Maria, I’m looking at you….


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