SI: Esti Ginzburg

Happiness is about being around people who love me and whom I love.”

“I feel sexy when I’m wearing something very sexy, like a very hot dress.”

I’ve never dated a celebrity. If a guy is nice and I like him and he’s what I’m looking for it doesn’t matter if he’s famous, rich or poor.”

Wow, Esti might only be a rookie to SI, but she’s a modeling veteran and an instant favorite of mine.  Esti is only 18 but has been modeling since she was 8 years old.  Along with being a great model, she knows how to answer questions in an interview the right way as well.  When asked to play celebrity matchmaker, she said she would pair up herself and Johnny Depp (GREAT ANSWER!) and when asked who the hottest athlete is she rightfully said David Beckham! (THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE ANSWER)  Like this year’s cover model, Esti is from Israel and she is creating a greater need to do Birthright this summer.  Esti, I look forward to taking you out on a candlelight dinner where we can share all of the pita bread and kebabs that your heart so desires.

 Can someone please bless those candles!!!


OVERALL:      8.5/10

I feel bad giving her only an 8.5, but as a rookie to the magazine I feel she can improve with another opportunity.  Esti appears to have a very bright future ahead (including my candle lit dinner with her this Summer) and I look forward to her being back next year.  



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