SI: Jessica Gomes


Let it be known that a year ago, I gave Jessica an overall score of 2.  I hope she can find a way to improve on that score, onto the interview!

 “I remember clearing out my closet last year and I thought I shouldn’t have thrown away that Roland Mouret tweed jacket. It was a nice jacket and I thought I wasn’t going to wear it so I brought it to Beacon’s Closet because I sometimes sell my clothes there. I brought it and sold it and I immediately thought I shouldn’t have sold it. I liked that jacket.”

“I like a guy who is rough around the edges and sweet on the inside. I don’t like clean cut, but I don’t want a bad boy either. I want someone who is sweet, loving, funny, artistic, cool, chill and healthy. It would be cool to have a surfer that’s a city boy”

Alright, let’s see here.  She’s an ungrateful model who can only regret giving away a jacket and who wishes she can find a guy similar to the piece of trash that is Justin Bobby.  Well, throw that on top of a model who in half of her pictures is wearing a t-shirt and ladies and gentleman you have found a model that I just don’t care for.  I now fully understand why she received a 2 last year and am wondering how the hell SI brought her back this year!  SHE’S AWFUL!

Further Proof:

This picture upsets me greatly, last year my dear Bar wore (maybe not wore, but had around her neck) something very similar to this.  See though, that’s a problem, Bar looks stunning, Gomes looks atrocious. 

 Now that’s a model!


OVERALL: 1.5/10

I honestly feel that this was a waste of ten minutes.  Jessica you might be a sweet human being (doubtful), but please do us loyal Swimsuit readers a favor and don’t come back!!!  For those interested, the only reason she actually received a positive score was due to the fact that she basically shows her ass in the last picture, that merits something.


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