SI: Jessica Hart

Did you know Jessica has worked for Vogue, H&M, and Guess?  Did you notice she has yet to work for Gap?  Did you notice that she has a gap in between her front teeth thus making her perfect for Gap!  I noticed, but still find Jessica to be attractive.  She seems innocent and she’s a fan of Roger Federer, so that’s awesome. 

When asked when she feels sexy, Jessica answered, “My pajamas, which are usually a T-shirt and a little pair of underwear and big socks, it always makes me feel sexy for some reason when I’m walking around in those. I usually wear my boyfriend’s T-shirt and some Victoria’s Secret lingerie underneath.”  Well I would probably agree, except for the whole boyfriend t-shirt not being mine, the big socks, and the gap in the teeth, but if you let me see, I’m open to changing my mind.  After building a bridge across what I thought was our biggest gap…problem, I came across a new and bigger no-no in my book.  Jessica’s favorite food that her mom makes… VEGETARIAN LASAGNA!!!  I love lasagna, but I need meat and frankly, I think you might be better off eating some meat yourself.  



I’d love to have the chance to buy Jessica a drink at a bar, but Jessica does not make me want to buy a magazine.  Please if you want to be back next year, maybe a dentist and maybe some meat?  Is that too much for a man to ask for!!!



One thought on “SI: Jessica Hart”

  1. That is wrong.. she is beautiful..if her gap was soo bad why is she a model? bc she is unique. I like her gap, and her weight is fine. There are much worse out there. She is a goddess compared too most least give the credit for her confidence and good self-esteem. She can be a role model for people who should accept themselves they way they are and don’t care how they look nor does it matter if one accepts them for their looks.

    just saying;)

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