SI: Julie Henderson

Last year was Julie’s first time in SI and I appreciated what she brought to the table as she came through both in her interview and in her pictures.  Julie graded well with an 8.5 and I was looking forward to seeing how she would do this year.

This year Julie hit if off well in her interview when she said, “If I knew who my dream guy was I wouldn’t be single right now. I’m from Texas and I’m a traditional Southern girl with manners. I guess I would have to say my dream guy would be one who opens the door for me, wants to take care of me even though I’m very stubborn.”  In addition to this answer Julie struck gold when she said she feels sexy when, “for me it’s being in a man’s button up shirt. I don’t know. It’s being in your boyfriend’s sweatshirt or something. That always makes me feel sexy. The whole stealing your boyfriend’s clothing makes me feel sexy.  Brilliant answer and the complete truth!  Finally, if these answers weren’t perfect enough, Julie is waiting for the day when she becomes a regular for Victoria Secret. 


  • Southern Girl:            Check
  • Laid Back:                  Check
  • Attractive:                   Check:
  • Aspires to be Victoria Secret Model:            Check
  • Can Feel Sexy in a Sweatshirt:                      Check
  • Eats Cinnamon Toast Crunch:                     Check
  • Spends $10 on Beer:                                        Check
  • Complete Package:            CHECK!!!!



OVERALL:    9/10

I thought Julie was amazing last year yet somehow she found a way to grow on me this year.  She’s perfect in just about everywhere.  I’m not sure  what could make her better.  Maybe a story on how she’s the girl Katy Perry kissed?


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