SI: Kim Cloutier

I don’t like if a guy burps or farts on the first date. Please, save it for later.”

 If you could change one thing in the past year, what would it be?      

         Honestly nothing, I don’t have any regrets.”

 And she’s French Canadian…

 I have a mindset similar to Sean Avery, I don’t like French Canadians and like Sean I hated Cloutier as a King.  Did I mention that she doesn’t like a man who burps or farts, well how many guys are left there for ya Kim?  Also, her celeb crush is some guy from Smallville…if your going to have a celebrity crush from a show like that at least make it Dan Archibald or Chuck Bass, hell anyone from Gossip Girl over Smallville!  Kim, I hope your pictures can change my mind.




Best Picture:


OVERALL:  7/10 I feel bad for Kim, it’s not her fault she shares the last name with one of my most hated athletes.  She lost more points in interview with some of her answers.  On the other hand, she did know Jose Theodore was no longer on Montreal (Bonus Point for knowing sports) and she appears to enjoy taking her top off. [Double Bonus Point!] 


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