SI: Lucia Dvorska

 If you had to play matchmaker for a day, what celebrities would you pair up?

“Madonna and Michael Jackson would be a great couple”

” I like to workout and eat healthy because it makes me feel good but it doesn’t mean I go to the movies and I don’t have any popcorn or anything to eat.”

At what point in your career do you know you’ve made it?

“I don’t know if I’ve made it yet, but getting into Sports Illustrated is a great start.”

First off, can someone please come up with a reality show involving MJ and Madonna!  Second, I feel that I share a passion with Lucia involving eating and working out.  I work out, but I also enjoy to eat…I really like to eat.  I also admire her for being brave and saying that she isn’t sure she has filled her potential.  Finally, she says she’s from Slovakia and has a boyfriend, what are the odds his name is Lubo?  LUBO! LUBO! LUBO!


OVERALL:            7/10

Passes my grade, but average at best.  I will not lose any sleep over it if she is not back in 2010.

[Bonus points were awarded due to the fact that she shares initials with the one and only Larry David]


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