SI: Melissa Haro


Last year Melissa made her debut in the Swimsuit Issue and I felt that she did a great job.  Melissa was very photogenic and had some of the best answers in her interview including a pair that I have to remind everyone of:

 Well, I have this cute little red corset that I rarely get to wear so I would probably put that on and pair it with some jeans with these little clip-on devil horns so I would be a devil.”

 “To impress a cute man at a bar, I would probably tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue and give it to him. I was at a wedding and I was in my early teens and I was just really bored and I was too young to drink or anything so I found a bowl of cherries and I love cherries so I started eating cherries and an older friend of mine came and was like ‘Can you tie the stem with your tongue?’ and I was like, ‘No way, how do you do that?’ So she sat there and taught me and I practiced it the whole night. It’s kind of a flirty type of thing. It’s like ‘look what I can do.’ My cousin can unwrap Starburst with her tongue and I do the cherry knot so we make a pretty good team.”

Melissa had loads of potential coming into this year and I am sorry to say that I feel somewhat disappointed in the majority of her pictures.  With that said, I feel the blame needs to be placed on the location of her photo shoot.  I mean, when something important needs to get done, WHY GO TO MEXICO!!!!

While her pictures may have taken a step back, the interview of Haro just further proves that she would be someone I would love to meet.  She says she feels real sexy right after a really good workout when she’s flushed and sweaty.  I need a gym partner, Melissa let’s go!!!  And if everything you have read isn’t enough, when asked about what meal she misses most from home she answered, “I miss my mom’s homemade cooking and my Italian grandma’s homemade pizza. I love my mom’s cooking but her spaghetti and her ribs are amazing. My grandma’s pizza is completely homemade from the sauce to the dough, it’s also amazing.”  I need to visit the Haro’s for dinner, that all sounds amazing!




OVERALL: 7.5/10

Melissa falls a half of a point in ’09 due to a slight decrease in the quality of her pictures.  While I believe this is not her fault entirely, I have to be fair to the other models.  Melissa remains to be a model I would love to meet and have dinner with.  See you again next year!


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