Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

            This week the world of sports found out that one of its greatest athletes was on steroids for three years.  In his first interview following the claim, New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez not only admitted to steroids, but he repeatedly bashed Sports Illustrated and the women who leaked the info to Sports Illustrated for unethical reporting.  This raises the following two questions in my mind:    

1.  If in fact this women was stalking Alex and had been arrested several times over the past few years in the attempt to dig up dirt, does that change anything.

2.  Alex…how can you bash SI when they are releasing the Swimsuit Issue the VERY NEXT DAY!!!!

Yes, that’s right, move over Gay-Rod, it’s time for my now annual review of every subscribers favorite issue.  The 2009 SI Swimsuit Issue is now out and it’s time to grade the new-comers, the vets, and the others that are featured throughout the magazine.



Quick Take on the Cover:

A year ago Bar I had the following to say about Refaeli, “9/10 The bar was set high; Bar pulls through”, well apparently SI agreed as Refaeli is now gracing the cover.  Congrats to Bar.

In addition to the obvious cover model, we’re immediately told that Brooklyn Decker will be in body paint, NBA Dancers are in the mag, and Danica Patrick returns.  Can somebody please tell the NBA that THIS IS WHERE AMAZING HAPPENS.


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