SI: Bar Refaeli

For those of you that have not heard my rant in the past, I think Bar Refaeli is AMAZING!  She is stunningly gorgeous and just makes me smile.  While Bar is gorgeous on the outside she is equally as amazing on the inside.  She says that she feels she can always improve and work harder despite the fact that she has graced the cover of this year’s magazine.  She’s a genuinely happy person who is looking for a man (Leo, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!!!) who is funny, loves life, intelligent, and has strong family values.  Like myself, she says each week is not complete without a burger and fries and she also enjoys hummus! (SO DO I!!!)  Bar tops it all off by saying that Freddie Ljungberg is the hottest athlete around.  I love that answer because it shows she knows sports!

Overall, I am so happy that Bar was given the cover.  She is a marvelous model with a future that will stay bright for many, many more years.  Bar could easily fill the shoes of someone like Marissa Miller and be a duel threat in both SI and Victoria Secret….(I can dare to dream…)


OVERALL: 11/10

Bar walks away with a better than perfect score of 11.  She takes beautiful pictures that are inspiring on so many levels.  The cover gets her an extra point and she is someone that i feel all models should look up to.  She is so gorgeous that it is hard to explain.  The only problem I had with Bar was finding her “best picture” as they are all equally spectacular!


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