SI: Daniella Sarahyba


Whenever I compare my accomplishments to those around me, I usually find myself a bit disappointed in what I have actually gotten done.  Daniella is a person that no one should compare accomplishments with.  You see, at the age of 3 DAYS OLD!!!! Daniella was on the cover of a magazine with her mother.  I have no desire to know what I what was doing just 72 hours into my life, I can guarantee you I was nowhere near the cover of a magazine.  Daniella is an extremely confident female who says she has felt sexy ever since she was 16.  Daniella is married to a very luck guy who is unknown to us all.  This man is extremely lucky as Daniella has a smile that can light any room.  She appears to be have that special charm that any man would love to have.  She’s one of the best in the business and that is backed up by the fact that this is her fifth Swimsuit Issue. 




 OVERALL: 9/10

Her smile is magical and mesmerizing.  She has a playful and innocent look that is oh so desirable.  She is gorgeous and outside of the cover couldn’t do much better.



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