SI: Hilary Rhoda

Did you know Chevy Chase had a town named after him?  Did you know that Hilary is from Chevy Chase Maryland?  I’m intrigued…Hilary (one L) is a 21-year-old newcomer to the swimsuit issue.  With that said, Hilary is not new to SI, see growing up she subscribed to SI for Kids and always wanted to be in the magazine.  Like myself, I bet Hilary can’t believe she threw away the Tiger Woods SI for Kids card that is not worth way too much money.  Hilary is proud of her home state, especially the crabs and the ‘Skins, especially CPortis.  She seems like a lot of fun to be around and I would love to have someone like Hilary over here at Cal.  I wish her the best of luck as I have a feeling she will be back next year.





It might be the Mel Kiper in me, but I feel that Hilary has it.  No one truly knows what it is, but I do know that Kevin Malone would have no doubt that this Hilary is hot.  See you ’10 Miss Rhoda.  Actually, as I wrote that I have decided that I need to subtract a point for having the last name of Rhoda, I’m not a fan.  NEW OVERALL: 7/10  


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