SI: Tori Praver


Her name is Tori and I can say I do not know her phone number despite what some people might say.  Tori is only 21 and she lives in Hawaii and while looking in her pictures it is apparent that she prefers to be topless.  Tori says she feels sexy when people laugh at her jokes, well she should be feeling sexy because I’m laughing.  Unfortunately for those guys that want a funny swimsuit model who goes topless, Tori already has a boyfriend and well, he’s a world-class surfer who Tori finds to be the hottest athlete around.  Tori’s not a friend of cock…y guys and like a model who I forgot earlier enjoys vegetarian Italian meals (although Tori’s choice of Eggplant Parmigiana is more acceptable).






OVERALL: 8.5/10

Tori seems to have the mindset that a model can only be successful with her top off, I’m here to tell all models that this isn’t true!!!  Tori is great in all of her pictures and while she may give the photographer a thrill she performs well with it on as well.  Great job this year.  If your looking to call Tori you can try….


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