SI and the WTA: Tatiana Golovin

As a general rule of mine, I do not like French people.  With that known, I now have an exception and she just happens to be 21 years old and the #12 ranked player on tour.  To be fair to “Tats” (her nickname) she was actually born in Russia, which makes things a little better.  Tatiana played a very limited 2008 season due to a form of arthritis and her discomfort carried over in a large majority of her pictures.  In the past she dated Arsenal player and no-name Samir Nasri.


OVERALL: 6.5/10

I came in with high expectations for Tatiana, unfortunately she fell a little short.  She appeared to be uncomfortable in too many pictures and that resulted in a sub-par performance that all too resembled her 2008 tennis season.


3 thoughts on “SI and the WTA: Tatiana Golovin”

  1. First of all, she’s still dating Nasri (she says it in the interview that goes along with the pics)who’s not a no-name but I guess you’ve never heard of a sport called soccer/football?? Besides I think she looks good in those pics, the best out of all the girls actually! And there are some french people who are nice too bad you’re so close minded!

  2. Sorry, but awful review and bad pic selection.

    She was the best of all three and hottest player since AnnaK. A knowledgeable fan would know this and if you saw the full shoot would likely agree..Look at other pics as well..

  3. In a more respectful way I will say that I, and from what I’ve seen most others, disagree with this as most coined her as bestlooking. There were a lot better pictures.

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