SI: Anne V(yalitsyna)

Anne is a 22-year-old Russian who is making her fifth appearance in the magazine, which would mean she first appeared at 17.  Unfortunately this past year Anne was forced to have surgery on her ACL after a skiing accident.  Her dream man is smart, educated, sexy, and has a good sense of humor (me?) and is someone who would tell her she looks beautiful every morning.  While I feel I have the qualifications, I can’t apply as I will be waiting for Miss Refaeli to find me, I would like to suggest that Anne find herself a hockey player.  Perhaps AO or Mr. Malkin?  If Anne and either Ovechkin or Malkin became a couple I feel that the Russian tabloids would have a couple that would be powerful and fun to cover as the days of Pavel and Anna or Sergei and Anna.



My only true complaint with Anne is the fact that she only goes by Anne V.  Sure Vyalitsyna is extremely difficult to spell and I don’t really know how to pronounce it just yet, but there is nothing sexier than a great name.  I have a feeling that her name is great once you learn how to say it properly.  Use your whole last name you can get be at a 9 or higher.


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