SI: Irina Shayk

Over the past two days I have been trying to think of how I would answer the questions the models were asked.  I think Irina answered the question of what happiness in more or less my exact words and thought, “Happiness is sometimes just staying in my bed, eating pizza and watching television all day! It’s when you enjoy your life and do something nice for people who love you.”  Pizza, TV, family, and friends are a great mix and together can make anyone happy.  Irina only gets better as her favorite food is a Russian dish called pelmeni, which is in her words, “a dumpling with meat!”  My only concern with Irina is the fact that she finds all athletes to be sexy.  Irina, please do not fall into the same trap that Adriana fell into, MARKO JARIC IS NOT HOT!


OVERALL: 8.5/10

Irina scores well for several reasons.

  1. Pizza, TV…enough said
  2. Meat dumplings
  3. Her last name makes me think of milk shakes
  4. The last two pictures, what’s not to like.

She loses points (and lots of them) with the comment of all athletes are sexy.  I REPEAT, MARKO JARIC IS NOT SEXY!!!


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