SI: Jessica White

Let me go over Jessica’s answer to the question of what makes her feel sexy:

” I feel sexy when I get my hair done and when I’m home by myself and lighting candles after I get out of the bathtub. I put on lingerie and relax. I don’t do those things for men, I do them for myself and I think that’s what we as women have to do. We have to love ourselves first. I honestly wear lingerie around the house for myself and I get out of bathtub and lotion up and I get turned on just by smelling myself.”


Well, it’s hard to determine whether she’s self-confident or arrogant or just hates men.  She goes on to have a hard time describing what she looks for in men and frankly, I think she is happiest when there are no men around.  While on the surface I’m scared out of my mind, White gains lots of points with her love of fried chicken.  I had friend chicken the other night for dinner and it was good.  Good for her. 


In addition, I would like to congratulate Jessica for being the first African-American model to be in SI six times.  Jessica is only 22 so expect to see her at least a handful of more times.



OVERALL: 6.5/10

While I am anything but a fan of Jessica, I must give her credit for being called back to the magazine as many times as she has.  She is respected and desired by many within the business and in the end that is all that matters.  Overall, her pictures are average at best.  


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