The TV Diary: Monday

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, how much TV do I truly watch in a week.  Reminder I do not have class on Monday or Friday, here’s a look at day #1:


Typically Monday is a big night for me with GG, 24, The City…well, for some reason it was the second week in a row in which Gossip Girl was a rerun, so that cut an hour out, but I made up for that earlier in the day, here’s a look:

James Bond in Thunderball : 4-6:15

NCAA Basketball: Texas/Texas A&M 6:16-6:55  (Watched this while editing photos)

No Reservations with Anthony B 7-7:20  (While eating dinner)

Jeopardy: 7:30-7:45

Not much tv between 7:45-9

24: 9-10

The City: 10-10:30  Olivia used the word toodles, I love the word toodles = Olivia: awesome

Erin broke up with her boyfriend but I feel he was smart, she was wearing this dumbass leigh thing on her head, so  stupid.  Great show tonight


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