The TV Diary: Monday

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, how much TV do I truly watch in a week.  Reminder I do not have class on Monday or Friday, here’s a look at day #1:


Typically Monday is a big night for me with GG, 24, The City…well, for some reason it was the second week in a row in which Gossip Girl was a rerun, so that cut an hour out, but I made up for that earlier in the day, here’s a look:

James Bond in Thunderball : 4-6:15

NCAA Basketball: Texas/Texas A&M 6:16-6:55  (Watched this while editing photos)

No Reservations with Anthony B 7-7:20  (While eating dinner)

Jeopardy: 7:30-7:45

Not much tv between 7:45-9

24: 9-10

The City: 10-10:30  Olivia used the word toodles, I love the word toodles = Olivia: awesome

Erin broke up with her boyfriend but I feel he was smart, she was wearing this dumbass leigh thing on her head, so  stupid.  Great show tonight


Saying it Ain’t So Lubo…

Sad  news for those Edmonton Oiler fans out there, defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky will have season-ending shoulder surgery this week after hurting his shoulder against the Blackhawks.  Good old Lubo had 8 goals and 23 points in 50 games.

Last year he baked cookies and asked for a vote,

Sadly he didn’t make it and the Kings shipped him away without letting me write him a note.

He’s a great baker and a better man at the blue line.

Hockey fans are awesome…just looks at those signs!


SI and the WTA: Maria Kirilenko

KIRILENKO!?! I have found nothing that links Maria to Andre, but I nonetheless am not going to have problems not thinking of her every time I watch the Jazz play from here on out.  On the court Maria has been ranked as high as 18th in the world.  Her 2009 season did not get off to a great start as she lost to unranked Sara Errani 6-0, 6-4.  She is good friends with Maria Sharapova and they both enjoy high fashion.  I would enjoy a day of tennis and shopping with both Maria’s.  Good luck to Miss Kirilenko and I leave wondering if she’s a fan of Andre…



Job well done for Maria!  My only concern with Maria is the fact that her last name is not Sharapova and  the whole part of her losing pretty badly in the year’s first major.  Nonetheless, her pictures look natural and not too forced.  

SI and the WTA: Daniela Hantuchova

Several years ago I was sitting on the side of an outer court at Wimbledon watching a match involving then 20 year old Daniela Hantuchova.  After she won the match, Daniela walked off the court and walked right past me, to this day I swear she smiled at me.  I became a fan of hers on that very spot and have rooted for her ever since.  When I learned that she was in the magazine this year I was very happy for her.  After having spent the time to look at her pictures, I can say she did a great job and probably did better than a few of the professional models.  



OVERALL: 8.5/10

Daniela’s performance in the magazine is similar to her performance in the Doubles portion of the Aussie Open where she reached the finals with her partner only to lose to the Williams Brothers  Sisters. Very proud of her and I wish her the best of luck for the remainder of the season.

SI and the WTA: Tatiana Golovin

As a general rule of mine, I do not like French people.  With that known, I now have an exception and she just happens to be 21 years old and the #12 ranked player on tour.  To be fair to “Tats” (her nickname) she was actually born in Russia, which makes things a little better.  Tatiana played a very limited 2008 season due to a form of arthritis and her discomfort carried over in a large majority of her pictures.  In the past she dated Arsenal player and no-name Samir Nasri.


OVERALL: 6.5/10

I came in with high expectations for Tatiana, unfortunately she fell a little short.  She appeared to be uncomfortable in too many pictures and that resulted in a sub-par performance that all too resembled her 2008 tennis season.

SI: Invading the WTA Circuit

Well loyal readers, I’ve given you my take on all of the SI Models and it is now time for me to take a look at three lucky WTA Tennis Players.  Sports Illustrated decided to include three young tennis players from the circuit and luckily for us all these do not include the Williams sisters or the Capri-pant wearing Nadal.  While I approve of the choice of the WTA, I’ve come up with a quick list of other female athletes that I would like to see in the future:

Paula Creamer

Natalie Gulbis

Stephanie Rice

Alicia Sacramone

SI: Jessica White

Let me go over Jessica’s answer to the question of what makes her feel sexy:

” I feel sexy when I get my hair done and when I’m home by myself and lighting candles after I get out of the bathtub. I put on lingerie and relax. I don’t do those things for men, I do them for myself and I think that’s what we as women have to do. We have to love ourselves first. I honestly wear lingerie around the house for myself and I get out of bathtub and lotion up and I get turned on just by smelling myself.”


Well, it’s hard to determine whether she’s self-confident or arrogant or just hates men.  She goes on to have a hard time describing what she looks for in men and frankly, I think she is happiest when there are no men around.  While on the surface I’m scared out of my mind, White gains lots of points with her love of fried chicken.  I had friend chicken the other night for dinner and it was good.  Good for her. 


In addition, I would like to congratulate Jessica for being the first African-American model to be in SI six times.  Jessica is only 22 so expect to see her at least a handful of more times.



OVERALL: 6.5/10

While I am anything but a fan of Jessica, I must give her credit for being called back to the magazine as many times as she has.  She is respected and desired by many within the business and in the end that is all that matters.  Overall, her pictures are average at best.  

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