I Hate Ned…

Remember the days of Paul Depodesta? Remember how Depo would act retarded yet the team would win the division or at least make the playoffs? Remember last season when Uncle Ned gave Juan Pierre more than the few pennies he’s worth? Well, Uncle Ned’s at it again!! Ned and team have given the team crash dummie Jason Repko a one-year, $487,500 contract. In 406 AB’s, Repko is hitting a tremendous .232 with a mere 104 strikeouts. (Joe Beimel has a career .233 average) While I must say, I have always been a fan of Repko, it just makes NO SENSE TO SETTLE BEFORE ARBITRATION!!! What the hell does Repko have going for him? Sure he’ll run into a wall or the starting shortstop, but he’s always hurt and when he does play, he’s not very good. Even the Dodgers should have been able to convince most arbitrators that Repko wasn’t worth this settlement. When Dodger fans are paying that extra $20 for their season seats, remember the $487,500 Jason Repko will be making. (Yep, he too will make more than the President of the United States)


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